Family Session Guide

First and foremost…thank you!!! Thank you for trusting me to capture you! It truly means the world to me and I’m so excited to know and work with you. I can’t wait for our session! Here are few things to prepare for our time together and know what to expect!

The Experience.

My sessions are either on location in nature or in the comfort of your own home. After booking, we will discuss which location you would prefer. I will tell you up front, I am not a prop photographer. And if that’s what you want, that is 100% OK!!! I want you to have exactly what YOU want, even if it’s not with me. I like to keep it simple and I truly feel that props distract from the true subject, YOU.  I want to capture how you are together as a family. I don’t want to capture how you interact with me, I want to see how you interact with each other. For this reason, it is not often you will hear me say  ok, everyone look at me and SMILE!!!?  Yes, I may include a few images of everyone looking at me, but that is not the ultimate goal of the session. The goal is to capture the love and emotion between you. Here are a few tips to remember at our session together.

  1. Be yourselves. This is SO important. I want you to come to your session with an open mind and heart. Yes, being more intimate and loving in front of someone else can feel awkward and uncomfortable. I TOTALLY get it. BUT, the best images will happen when you let your guard down and BE YOURSELF.
  2. Be relaxed. If you are stiff, uncomfortable or nervous, it will show in the images. I totally recommend making a day out of it, get a drink or coffee before, or a little treat as a family. Let your kids know that this is going to be fun! You don’t have to tell them to be good or that they’d better smile at the camera. I find that simply being relaxed and affectionate with them will create a relaxed atmosphere and their sweet little personalities will shine.
  3. Stay close to each other. I want you to be touching at all times. And I’ll probably even tell you to get closer at some point, so you’ve been warned.
  4. Trust me. I am in control, so you don’t have to worry! I will capture unposed moments, but they are intentional. I will adjust and prompt and pose if I see something I love or something I want to change. You do NOT have to worry about how you look, that’s my job. All I want you to do is be relaxed and FEEL the moment.


I  believe more of than not clients struggle with what to wear, so I’m here to help!! Here are my guidelines that will help you to look your best and be as comfortable as possible!

  1. I typically say to start with Momas outfit first. Then we build the rest around that. Think feminine, flowy, romantic, flattering. I love neutral tones for mom, if possible, or a simple, flattering color palate. I am absolutely obsessed with long, flowy maxi dresses or skirts, as it adds so much movement and emotion to the images.
  2. Only ONE obvious pattern per family. There are patterns that I absolutely LOVE and I encourage that, BUT you do not want competing patterns. For example, if mom has a floral pattern on her dress, you don’t want the daughter to have a floral pattern on her dress as well.
  3. Bright colors distract the viewer. We want YOU to be the main focus of the images, not your clothing. So if you’re wearing something really bright or with tons of colors, the eye automatically goes right to those and not to what I WANT them to see you.
  4. No obvious logos or writing. We are going for timeless. If you have an obvious logo, it dates the image immediately.
  5. Shoes matter. Please dona’t wear athletic shoes like Nikes or Reeboks, as those will be a stark contrast to the style we are going for (again, timeless). If you can be barefoot at my sessions, thata’s even better!!! Moms, high heels will always look out of place at my sessions because we will either be in nature or in your home, so try to stay away from heels.
  6. All accessories should be simple. We don’t want your jewelry to be too much of a distraction. Again, let’s not take away from the real subject YOU.

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