FAQ – Senior Girls

Question: What time do we shoot?

Golden hour is the ideal time to shoot which is 2-3 hours before sunset. I keep an eye on sunset as seasons change and adjust accordingly. If it’s cloudy or we are in a place with lots of shade we will most likely bump the time earlier.

Question: Should I invest in professional hair and make-up before my session?

YES! Once you book with me I have a list of specific make-up artists I work with who are 100% worth every penny. They will get work with you to complete your look perfectly and have you camera ready. It is such a treat you will cherish!!

Question: Where can we go for our session?

I will give you a list of options to choose from within 30-45 minutes of Snohomish. You can make your choice depending on what you preference is between urban, beach, park, mountains, river, or even studio!

Question: What do I wear?

What makes you feel amazing!!! I typically recommend 3-5 outfits depending on your photo package choice. 1-2 dressy, 2-3 casual. Make sure they are clothes that are flattering to you and you feel confident wearing. I highly recommend accessories to give your photos some flair! Hats, cute earrings, sunglasses, fun shoes, props! I’m happy to go over your final choices before our session. I will bring a pop up changing tent to our session for easy outfit changes!

Question: What if I feel nervous about being in from of the camera and not knowing how to pose?

You are NOT ALONE! This is a very normal feeling and I’m pretty sure everyone feels this way before a photo shoot. Usually the 15-30 minutes is getting loosened up and by the end you will feel like a pro. You can practice posing in front of the mirror to see what poses make you feel most confident. I will give you a lot of direction down to the small details during our session!! I got you!

Question: What if it rains?

Typically if rain is in the forecast over the Summer/Early Fall months it’s not a major event. If there is a 60% chance or more we can watch the hourly the day of your session and reschedule to a different day if needed. I work to leave extra padding in my calendar for reschedules!

Question: Can I get a spray tan before my session?

Yes HOWEVER I have a list of recommended custom airbrush spray tan artists for you to choose from once you book your session. The airbrush artist will make sure there are no splotches and that the color is even all around!

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