Why you should regularly do things that terrify you

Challenge = Change

It’s audition week at Village Theatre Kidstage. My girls have gone through many auditions but are still a ball of nerves EVERY SINGLE TIME. I always encourage them to channel the nervous energy into their performance. Deep down I feel terrified for them and imagine myself in their shoes freaking out in front of a panel of professionals listening intently to me act and sing. I’m breathing deep cleansing breaths as they walk into that audition room.

Yet, I feel so incredibly proud and to know deep down these are life lessons that are good for them to start practicing now. These are life lessons I SHOULD BE practicing now. This is where growth happens. This is where life is LIVED. If I allowed my fears to direct my activities, I would stay stagnant. So what if I mess up or don’t do whatever it is to perfection? I can try again. I can learn from my mistakes.

When I first started my photography business and charging clients I felt terrified before every session. The first time I walked into Crossfit I thought I was gonna die (literally ha!). I was nervous every day for months! This last Summer I did a hike that pushed me beyond what I thought I could do. I was halfway through the hike to our destination and wondered how I would get through. I had to dig deep! I look back on these moments of my life and that’s where growth and discovery happened.
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What is that one thing you’ve wanted to try? What is that one thing that you are dying to go out and accomplish but you hesitate because that little voice tells you “you’ll fail” “don’t even bother” “what’s the use” “it’s a waste”. Well today is the day. Get after it. Do your thang and don’t worry about the results. Life is meant to be lived intentionally, awake, growing, changing, evolving. What will you do today?

Oh…and break all the legs Ava!! No matter what the end result I’m so freakin’ proud of you girl!!

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