Team 2k18 Spring Group Shoot – Bothell Mill Creek Seattle Snohomish Senior Photographer

I’m so excited to share all of these beautiful images from my Class of 2018 group photo shoot with all of my beautiful reps! When the day arrived and it was sunny and warm and beautiful I could hardly believe my eyes. We’ve had one of the wettest and darkest Winter/Springs on the books in Seattle so my heart skipped a beat when the sun came out. I’m a sucker for golden hour and backlighting! Jade worked her magic getting the girls camera ready in the early afternoon and we were off.

If you can believe it, every dress seen in these images belongs in my closet haha! I suppose you could say I have a dress addiction and blush pink might be my favorite color. I just can’t stop myself. In fact if you book a session with me you are welcome to shop any of the beautiful items in my closet because I want you to look and feel so special! I also have an Instagram page that I keep updated more frequently with the newest arrivals.

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