Real-Estate Branding Shoot Checklist!

Here’s a little list for content ideas for real estate agents!

Why is it important to book yourself a branding session? People want to connect with and know you before they decide to work with you. They want to know what to expect going into a business relationship and branding photos are a way to share who you are. You will be able to use these photos on all of your social media platforms including your website. Your business is worth the bi-yearly or yearly investment!

These are suggested shots for you to get so keep this list handy for your next session!

Head Shot

Working on phone

On phone at home/at the office

Detail shots of branded gifts

Detail shots of accessories/personal branding swag

Working on computer from home

Showing clients house

Giving clients closing gift

Walking in your local town by your favorite spot

Working on phone

Working on computer

Working on phone in car

Walking down street w/ briefcase

Working at your office

Casual clothes by outdoorsy spot

Standing next to or holding a SOLD sign

Setting up marketing materials at a listing

Drinking your favorite coffee/drink

In front of somewhere in your local town/city

Any fun detail about your local office or town

With your kids/family/animals

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