Bringing Skye Home

When my stepmom Nancy received a call from her vet to confirm Peewee’s boarding appointment for the following day, she had to do a double triple take. Peewee was one of the two dogs she raised with my Dad but had passed 7 years ago. “There must be some kind of mistake. Peewee has been gone for many years.” Nancy stated. The vet asked her if she knew a Deming? “That’s my husband Duane but he’s passed on as well.” The vet responded, “Well he called to make the appointment for Peewee.” My stepmom was floored and replied “Well I wish he would call me!” I love that she has a sense of humor about it all.

She chalked it up to an administrative error but also thought about the fact that this call came on the heels of a vivid dream where she was with my Dad about to go on a camping trip and she saw Peewee but was missing the other dog Tosh. She woke up and thought about how much she loved having dreams with my Dad because then they could spend time together.

Nancy put these two things together and decided something or someone must be telling her it’s time for a puppy! She started doing her research and found what looked to be the perfect little sweetie West Highland Terrier, but it would require a trip to Denver for pick-up. Of course I had to go with her. All of the pieces were falling into place plus we would come back with the pup on the eve of my Father’s passing 4 years ago.

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We are so excited to welcome Skye into the family and without a doubt believe she is HEAVEN SENT!

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